Su Doku workpad and evaluator

So you reckon you have 9x9 Su Doku beaten? Try this one:

  1 7
  4 9
8 9  
7 2  
5 7 3
4   5
2 5 6
  6 2
  5 1
5 8  
4 7  

A level 8 puzzle

The puzzle above, and all puzzles in the application that follows, are solvable with logic - i.e. you never need to use trial and error to complete them. As a result, they all have exactly one solution. For a description of how puzzles are graded see here.

If you have Java 1.4.1 or higher you can use JavaWebStart to run this Su Doku workpad by clicking here. It has over 200 built-in games of different levels and can provide hints and level evaluation for puzzles you type into it. Here's a screenshot:

Click on here for a movie of someone not very good (me) playing an easy level and here for some more screenshots.

For a mobile version of this game check out

Comments welcome, please send them to philip<AT>pmilne<DOT>net (replacing the <AT> with @, etc.).

This puzzle and the puzzles contained in the enclosed application are provided for personal use only. They may not be published, redistributed or sold in any form.

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